Malaysia is a magnificent country with numerous tourist attractions. The country is located in East Asia is developing at a great pace. The country has a diverse population that includes people from various religions like Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, and more. For tourists all across the globe, Malaysia is one of the most beautiful and admired tourist destinations that offer exclusive cuisines and exciting experience. The citizens of the country understand English well; therefore, tourists do not face any trouble while traveling. Malaysia comes up with almost everything, ranging from extravagant mountain ranges to exotic beaches and remarkable temples, which can prove out to attract the attention of the tourist. The Keluang Hill Beach is one of the premier beach destinations in Malaysia that is renowned for its exquisite and mesmerizing ambiance. However, with strong development efforts, various tourist attractions in Malaysia such as Genting, Langkawi and Cameron Highlands have made it all the more famous among travelers across the globe. Malaysia flaunts to have one of the most beautiful capital in the world. Kuala Lumpur offers classy dining and shopping facilities to travelers and this is the main reason why people prefer to shop here. The Iconic Petronas Towers, which is at 452 meters, has become the world’s tallest building and is one of the greatest tourist attractions.


The country is full of natural beauties and is home to many luxury hotels and resorts. However, some of the greatest reasons to travel to Malaysia are:


Art and Culture

Malaysia Culture

The country has a vast art and culture. The blend of culture in the country is the result of long periods of migration and business with various other countries of the world. Each of this culture has remained intact with the country. Various conventional churches and temples lie alongside the mosques. Colors of Malaysia Festival, World Harvest Festival. Rainforest World Music Festival and Ramadan Bazaar are some of the most popular events and festivals in the country.


Activities in Malaysia


The country gives you a chance to take part in various activities. If you participate in any of them then it will add a lot of value to your trip. Touring the rainforest of Malaysia is one of the priorities of people coming from all over the globe. Malaysia also provides some of the best scuba diving locations in the world. One can also travel to the beautiful islands of Malaysia. Wildlife watching and shopping are two other popular activities that one can enjoy.


Delicious Cuisines


Malaysia is also famous for its diverse variety of cuisines. The Malaysian cuisines are a blend of Indian, Chinese, Malay and Peranakan cuisines. One will certainly get pleasure from the delicious and ground-breaking dishes of this country.


Malaysia is rich with its charming beauty and striking tourists attractions and can be visited throughout the year for a memorable  Malaysian vacation. Nevertheless, the best time to visit the country would be during the months from May to September.