Singapore Flyer

Singapore is a wonderful tourist destination for all those people who are looking out for something unique and exclusive. It is a fantastic place for all those who are interested in exploring the Asian Culture. Singapore cannot be taken just as an island rather it is a small country with rapid economic growth. Within a couple of years, Singapore has won the place of a land where a booming center of industry and commerce looms in. The country is regarded as the busiest port in the globe.


The country is also known as ‘The Lion City’ and ‘The Garden City’. It is the only island city-state in the entire world. With about more than 15 million tourists every year, Singapore presents itself as an eye-catching tourist spot. In addition, it is also a renowned education hub where a large number of international students come every year in order to pursue their studies. So, if you are planning a trip to Singapore, then there are some useful things that you should know before you visit here:

Religious Belief 

Religious Beliefs


Buddhism is one of the most widely practiced religions all across Singapore. People here believe in cultural and religious harmony. This has played a significant role in making the city’s identity. There are several monasteries and Dharma Centers here. You can visit them in order to explore a little more.




Singaporeans are known for their food. Here one can find a variety of cuisines including Chinese, Indian, Malay, etc. In addition to this, you will also find hybridized food of various styles. Amongst Fruits, Durian is considered as a national fruit.

Singapore Tourism 



With a high level of development in technology, telecommunication infrastructure spans the entire city of Singapore. Termed as one of the most tech-savvy nation, Singapore tops the world’s highest mobile penetration rates. Singtel, Starhub, and M1 are some of the major Mobile Service Operators.




It is a small island with high population rate. Therefore, people prefer traveling through walking, cycling, etc. Taxis are also one of the major sources of public transportation as they are quite convenient and cheap.




Besides English, there are 4 most commonly spoken languages in this city. This includes Chinese, Mandarin, Malay, and Tamil. Singaporean English which is basically UK English has acquired an idiomatic form known as Singlish.


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