1. Passport: Original passport(s) with minimum validity of 6 months and minimum 2 blank pages.
2. Application Form: Visa application form correctly filled and signed by the applicant.
3. Photo Specification: Two 2 recent colored passport-size photographs with 60 to 80% face coverage; semi matt or matt finish; white background and without border. (Photograph size should be 35mm X 45mm)
4. Covering Letter: This letter by the applicant must be in Spanish & English language. It should be on company’s letter head stating name, title in the company, passport number, purpose and period of visit. Covering letter should be signed correctly by the authorized person with company stamp; and addressed to – The Visa Officer, Embassy of the Argentine Republic, New Delhi. The Covering letter in English language should be duly notarized.
5. Invitation letter - Invitation letter must be in Spanish on the letter head of inviting company. This letter should be notarized from Argentine mentioning name of the applicant, reason of travel, dates and period of stay. It should be correctly signed with the authorized person’s name and title.
6. Recommendation letter: This letter should be notarized from recognized Chamber of Commerce in India along with the Spanish translation and addressed to \'The Visa Officer, Embassy of the Argentine Republic, New Delhi’.
7. Bank Statements: Last 3 months’ bank statement stating branch manager’s name & contact number with bank seal.
8. Income Tax Returns: Last 3 years’ personal ITR.
9. Pay Slips: Salary slips of last 6 months.
10. Proof of Occupation: - For Self-Employed applicant – Company’s ITR and bank statements and Company registration certificate are required. For Employed applicant – Employment proof like appointment letter or salary slip and NOC from employer are required.
11. Accommodation Proof: Hotel booking for the complete stay.
12. Ticket: Ticket itinerary after 10 working days from the date of submission.
13. Authorization Letter: Authority letter for submission and collection of the documents.

Please Note: Applicants Personal presence may be required post submission of the documents. Applicant should carry the Original YFC (Yellow Fewer Certificate) at the time of travel.

Visa Fee

Select Service Type Type of visa
Embassy fee Service fee Service Tax Total cost
Single Entry upto 3 Months 15-20 Business Days 6500 3499 524.85 10523.85
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