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Secure and easy document legalization services for you.

Document legalization means verification of the documents and its procedure vary from country to country. The type of Legalization – Attestation or Apostille, depends on whether the foreign country is a part of The Hague Convention (multilateral treaty) or not.

Attestation is done if the foreign country is NOT a PART of The Hague Convention. Your documents first get attested by the respective state department and then by the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs); later by the Embassy of the country. For other scenario, process of Apostille is opted.

Apostille is done in a specified format for the nations belong to The Hague Convention or multilateral treaty. For this case, the Embassy authentication step is not required.

Why it is required?

The process is required when you are travelling to other nation. In case of any property purchase, child adaptation, admitting to an academic institute, work/residency permit, business partnership and more in the foreign land, your documents need to be authentic. And for this authentication legalization is important.

How we do it?

With professional and accountable authentication services, we make sure that your every document get signed, certified and stamped in the apt way following the standard guidelines and specifications. We are industry experts and hold mastery to get the job done; hence you receive optimal care and concerned services. VisaShopee delivers swift, safe and superior Legalization and Apostille services.


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