Malaysia is a land of astonishing natural beauty includingbeautiful beaches and some of world’s oldest tropical rainforest. With natural serenity, you can also spot different variety of flora and fauna in Malaysia. The country can be visited on Malaysia tourist visa for which you have to follow a certain application procedure. With the help of a visa consultant, you can easily fill and submit the visa application form and get your visa.

Other than witnessing amazing beauty of Malaysia, you can also taste luscious street food at spots like LgBaru (New Lane) Hawker Stalls, which is mentioned by the locals as “night-time street extravaganza”. Also, you can dive deep at Spidan, which is world’s one of the most-liked diving locations; trek in Kelabit Highlands; and enjoy kaleidoscope of crafts,cuisines and cultures at Kuching. To experience all this and more, all you need to have is a valid Indian passport and tourist visa for Malaysia. Getting your visa can be easier if you acquire detailed Malaysia visa information

1Passport: Original passport(s) with minimum validity of 6 months and minimum 2 blank pages.

2. Application Form: Visa application form need to be correctly filled and signed by the applicant

3. Photo Specification: Three recent colored passport size photographs. Photograph should have a close up of your head and top of your shoulders so that your face takes up to 60% to 70% of the photograph , white background, without border and glossy finish. Photograph size should be 3.5cm X 5.0 cm.

4. Covering Letter: This letter from the applicant must be on company’s letter head stating your name, title in the company, passport number, purpose and period of visit. Covering letter should be signed correctly by the authorized person with company stamp; and addressed to – The Visa Officer,High Commission of Malaysia, New Delhi. 

5. Accommodation Proof: Hotel booking (Not Mandatory)

6. Ticket: Confirmed Air Ticket.

Please Note: Applicant who have not traveled to Malaysia on their last issued visa,need to attached declaration letter mentioning the reason for failing to travel erlier.

Visa Fee

Select Service Type Type of visa
Embassy fee Service fee Service Tax Total cost
Single/ Multiple Entry upto 3 Months 4 Business Days 5900 2999 449.85 9348.85
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