Switzerland is modern yet cultured with hallucinatory landscapes. The country of four languages and great outdoors offers epic experiences. To visit the country of cheese, chocolate, clocks and punctuality, tourist visa for Switzerland is essential. This visa you can securely and swiftly get with the help of Embassy of Switzerland or VisaShopee. Call VisaShopee for Switzerland visa information and the experts will provide you required information about documents and visa application procedure. By following the suggested guidelines, you will surely get your visa.

The country’s top attractions include Swiss Alps, Lake Geneva, Jungfraujoch, Titlis, Mount Pilatus, Swiss National Park, Aletsch Glacier, Cathédrale de Notre Dame, Fondation Pierre Gianadda, Château de Chillon, Alimentarium, Kapellbrücke, Zytglogge, Museum SammlungRosengart, and SchlossThun. When in Switzerland on tourist visa, besides clicking pictures at the mentioned attractions, you can alsogo for a hot-air balloon ride, white-water rafting, hiking,  take a day tour from Zurich to   Mount Titlis, or to Gruyères including Golden Panoramic Express Train.

 1. Passport: Original passport with minimum validity of 6 months and minimum 2 blank pages for visa stamp. Please Note: a) Attach all old passports (if any).

2. Visa Application Form: 1 visa application form need to be correctly filled and signed by the applicant on column 37 and main column. Along with visa application form, following forms also need to be correctly filled and signed: a) Appendix A, b) Appendix D, c) Consent-Form, d) Medical Insurance Declaration Form, e) Consent Form for Minors (if applicable) to be signed by both parents.

3. Photo Specification: recent colored passport-size photographs with 80% face coverage; semi-matt or matt finish; white background and without border. Photograph size should be 35mm x 45mm.

4. Covering Letter: This letter by the applicant must be on company’s letter head stating applicant’s name, title in the company, passport number, purpose and period of visit. Covering letter should be signed correctly by the authorized person with his/her name and title and company stamp; and addressed to – The Visa Officer, Embassy of Switzerland, New Delhi. Please Note: The letter should be on company’s letter head, if the applicant is self-employed OR on plain paper, if the applicant is employed.

5.  Airline Reservation – Flight ticket / Itinerary.

6. Accommodation Proof: Rented apartment / Hotel Reservation. Please Note: Hotel booking should match with the ticket dates and maximum stay should be in Switzerland.

7. Travel Insurance - As per Schengen specification, travel insurance amounting Euro 30,000 is required. The insurance must cover travel and duration of stay matching ticket dates.

8. Financials: For Employed – a) Last 3 years’ personal ITR, b) Last 3 months’ personal bank statement, c) Last 3 months’ salary slips. For Self Employed – a) Last 3 months’ business and personal account’s bank statement, b) Last 2 years’ company ITR. Please Note: ITR, bank statements, and other documents must be on A4 size sheet.

9. Proof of Occupation: For employed – a) Copy of appointment letter / employment contract. For Self- Employed – a) Certificate of Incorporation / Proof of Proprietorship / Company Registration Certificate / Partnership Deed, b) Form-32 / Articles of Memorandum (if the applicant is Director/MD) / DIN number.

NOTE: 1. Along with applicant’s business correspondence with the host company, Embassy may ask following documents as well. a) Company Profile in brief, b) Qualification certificate.

2. If applicant’s visit is sponsored by the company, then sponsorship letter mentioning complete details is required.

3. All documents must be on A4 size sheet.

Visa Fee

Select Service Type Type of visa
Embassy fee Service fee Service Tax Total cost
Single/ Multiple Entry Upto 3 Months 8-10 Business Day 5850 2999 449.85 9298.85
Single/ Multiple Entry (Age 0-6) Upto 3 Months 8-10 Business Days 1350 2999 449.85 4798.85
Single/ Multiple Entry (Age 6-12) Upto 3 Months 8-10 Business Days 4050 2999 449.85 7498.85
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