Thailand welcomes visitors from all walks of life; indeed, it is Southeast Asia’s travel hub. The country has lush green forests, popular beaches, yummy food, deep diving spots and cheap prices. Travel in Thailand is easy and everything is convenient here. Thailand offers a long list of top experience stopovers including Phuket, HuaHin, KhaoSok National Park, KoLipe, Phanom Rung Historical Park, KoKut, KoLanta, KhaoYai National Park, Sukhothai Historical Park, KoPha-Ngan, Mekong River, Ayuthaya, and Kanchanaburi. Overall, the country is world famous that whenever someone speaks the name splendid beaches, ancient history, deep forests and tasty food automatically come to the mind.  If this country is next in your bucket list then you need to apply for Thailand tourist visa, which you can easily and securely do by visiting Royal Thai Embassy or VisaShopee.

If you have a validate passport, you can easily get the tourist visa for Thailand. Call VisaShopee to get detailed Thailand visa information and start your visa application procedure now.

1. Passport: Original passport(s) with the validity of minimum six months and minimum two blank pages.

2. Application Form: Visa application form duly filled and signed by the applicant.
3. Photo Specification: Two recent passport size colored photographs with matt or semi matt finish, 60%-80% face coverage, white background and without border (Size: 35mm x 45mm).
4. Covering Letter: Covering Letter from applicant on business letter head mentioning name, designation, passport number, purpose and duration of visit in brief. The letter should be duly signed by authorized signatory with company stamp and addressed to – The Visa Officer,The Royal Thai Embassy, New Delhi.
5. Ticket: Ticket as per travel plans with ticket number.
6. Accommodation Proof: Hotel booking for the complete stay should include each applicant\'s name separately OR if intending to stay with relatives or friends, must provide invitation letter along with copy of their ID/passport. In case the invitee is not Thai, they must provide their working records in Thailand,e.g. work permit,letter from company they are working with.
7. Bank Statement: Original Bank Statement for the last three months stating the name & contact number of the Branch Manager with a minimum balance of Rs.50000 with stamped and sign.

Visa Fee

Select Service Type Type of visa
Embassy fee Service fee Service Tax Total cost
Single Entry Upto 2 Months 4 Business days 335 1999 299.85 2633.85
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